OTTERPACK: The Ultimate Water Purification Station you can put in your Backpack!

Otterpack™ – is the first hybrid, easily portable water purification system based on Reverse Osmosis. Developed by OtterPack LLC (formerly Alex Deutsch Technologies Ltd), this is the only solution today that can function manually when the battery drains.

Where standard water supply is temporarily not available, Otterpack™ is ready to provide a reliable, constant amount of pure drinking water.

The system is designed for comfortable carrying and fast operation everywhere, and to be easily operated by users with minimal technical skills.

Otterpack™ has revolutionized the way customers worldwide view water purification and delivery challenges


Capacity GPH: 30 gallons per hour
Capacity LPB: 150 gallons per battery life cycle
Feed Pump Suction Lift: 40 fts
Manual Pump: Rotary Vane
Electric Pump: Positive Displacement
Membranes: (2) e.a. TFC 2.5″ x 21″
Gauges (Glycerin Filled): Booster Pump
& Post Filters
Power: Li-Ion 24V Rechargeable Battery
Operating Pressure: 80-120 psi
Connections: Quick Tubing Connectors
Water Quality Monitor Inlet/Outlet: TDS
Nominal Salt Rejection: 99%
Unit Dimensions (inch): 27”x18”x18”
Weight: 45 lbs without a backpack textile)